Rolls Rent

#banner #stretch_banner Rolls Rent Our designers have developed a bright and memorable stretch banner on the facade of the building, which attracts the attention of potential customers. The company’s corporate colors and laconic design were used to stand out from other advertising structures placed nearby.


#menu #booklet #brochure #flyer #business card #certificate #table_tent #sticker_on_bottle Rokas For night club we created a unique printing design that attracts the attention of visitors, informs about discounts, promotions, as well as the cost of dishes and services


#business card #mug #notebook Sfytech To improve brand awareness, a printing design was developed. This appearance of branded products helps company employees become more visible and generally raise the status of the company


#calendar Rixis For the rental company Rixis, desktop calendars have been developed to be used as gifts for employees, customers and partners. Modern design is perfect emphasizes the corporate identity of the company


#business card#door sign Rally East As a result of our cooperation with the Rally East company, she received high quality printing set that harmoniously complements the unified brand concept


#pasting_auto#calendar #badge #business card #plate_on_door Kivi Ride Bright colors, graphic elements and professional paraphernalia were used to create a spectacular and memorable design of printed products. The company received a set of creative printing, which strengthened its image


#door sign BizUP The design of the door sign turned out to be concise and memorable. The door sign is made in the corporate colors of the company and reflects its concept


#pasting_bar #pillars #sticker_on_door Rokas A unique design of pavement boards and posters was created for the establishment, creating a general harmony and attracting the attention of visitors. The bar wrapping concept was also developed, which emphasized the association with a tropical island and helped guests to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the establishment.

Rolls Rent

#booklet #certificate #business card Rolls Rent A strict, elegant style was developed for the design of printed products, reflecting the status of the company, a serious approach to working with clients and a high level of service. This made it possible to distinguish the company from competitors and increase customer loyalty.