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Selling packaging of Instagram profile
In this guide you will learn:
  1. How to choose a selling profile name and a bright avatar.
  2. How to properly design a profile header and describe your value proposition.
  3. What are highlights and how to fill them.
  4. What a profile feed is. Features of its planning.
  5. Major Instagram Visual Trends 2023.


Bonus: A list of apps for Instagram feed scheduling.
Photo guide “How to take attractive photos for Instagram”
In this guide:
  1. Frame color palette. Itten’s color wheel
  2. Basic rules for subject photography.
  3. Checklist for mobile photography.
  4. Photo trends 2023.
  5. What to shoot for Instagram?
  6. Top photo editing apps.


Bonus: half an hour of consultation with our specialist as a gift.
Reels: how to shoot Reels, gain views and subscribers
In this guide, we are going to look at:
  1. What are Reels and what you should know about them
  2. Editing, settings and preview functionality
  3. TOP 10 tips for great Reels
  4. What not to do in Reels?
  5. Features of Reels 2023
  6. Reels ideas for business
  7. List of Video Editing Apps


Bonus: half an hour of consultation with our specialist as a gift
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