Carsharing Level

#application #design Carsharing Level An attractive and colorful design of the Level carsharing application has been created. The simple and intuitive interface makes it easy to find, book and rent a car without any difficulties. The result is an increase in the number of customers already in the first month after the update.

Kivi Ride

#application #design Kivi Ride An application with a unique design has been developed for the courier delivery service. The intuitive interface and fast navigation allowed users to quickly call a courier, track a parcel and pay for an order online

Rolls App

#application #design Rols App An application for renting transport has been developed with a concise design and a well-thought-out interface. Convenient booking and selection criteria, personalized selection of transport with instant access to it. As a result: saving the client’s time, individual approach. The number of applications through the app has increased by 30%.


#logo #logotype Justus-logistics Taking into account the analysis of competitors and the market as a whole, a balanced logo design was developed for a law firm specializing, among other things, in logistical aspects. The new logo also emphasized its reliability and professionalism and contributed to the growth of trust in the brand

Kivi Ride

#stickers #stickerpacks Kivi Ride A comprehensive design has been developed for the courier service, reflecting the reliability, convenience and speed of delivery. Stylish  merch allowed to increase brand awareness in the market. A bright logo emphasized the company’s modern and flexible approach in work


#logo #logotype BizUP The concept of pixels was chosen to develop the logo, reflecting the main style of the company that lies in its creativity and originality. As a result, BizUp has strengthened its brand and market visibility.


#stickers #stickerpacks Skillscub We have created a set of branded stickers with a she-wolf who is a symbol of leadership, strength and self-confidence. The stickers are a colorful set that is designed to emphasize the brand’s personality and help attract new customers


#logo #rebranding #redesign Sfytech A business consulting company needed to update its logo. We managed to refresh the look while maintaining the color scheme and style of the brand. Thanks to the update, the


#stickers #stickerpacks BizUP We created the stickers with a mascot that became a symbol of the company and conveys its key values ​​- friendliness, innovation and originality. Each sticker has a


#logo #logotype Rokas Logo design for a karaoke club. A modern and effective logo has been created for the nightclub, reflecting its spirit, concept and atmosphere. The main element was the original golden font, which symbolizes the high quality of service and the combination of three types of restaurant, club and karaoke establishments in one