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Energetic Red – Color of the Year 2023 (color code 18-1750)

Pantone has chosen Viva Magenta as its Color of the Year 2023.

This bright dark pink with hints of purple and red undertones embodies the unconventional and rebellious spirit of an unconventional time, and also reflects a renewed interest in creative experiments.

According to Pantone experts, red juicy colors glorify life, so bright crimson Viva Magenta combines rage and grace, inspiring confidence and manifestation of humanity, combining courage and fun.

However, from the point of view of the psychology of color, when using red and its shades, it is necessary to take into account the context, target audience and features of your product or service. Red color can evoke associations in people, both with passion, strength, determination, and with aggression, violence and danger.

It is important to correctly use the red color so that it does not become distracting and does not cause negative associations. Therefore, you should consciously and rather critically approach the choice of the color palette of your future brand in order to achieve the most positive effect.

All of the above, our designers take into account when creating a visual identity for your brand or rebranding. At our brand “Ymeks”, we also use shades of red to highlight our energy and passion for what we love.
To sum it up, Energetic Red has many meanings and symbolic associations, and using it can help grab attention and evoke strong emotions in consumers. It is important to use this color wisely so that it does not contradict the main goals of the brand and marketing campaign and does not cause negative associations. However, if used with care, this color can be a powerful tool to inspire and motivate.

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