Impressions: 66K CTR: 2,2% Average position: 22 Google A comprehensive site optimization was carried out, including an audit, keyword identification, optimization of meta tags, content and external links. Position monitoring is also configured. Result 66k impressions, CTR 2.2% and average position 22 in Google search results

Rolls Rent

#banner #stretch_banner Rolls Rent Our designers have developed a bright and memorable stretch banner on the facade of the building, which attracts the attention of potential customers. The company’s corporate colors and laconic design were used to stand out from other advertising structures placed nearby.


#menu #booklet #brochure #flyer #business card #certificate #table_tent #sticker_on_bottle Rokas For night club we created a unique printing design that attracts the attention of visitors, informs about discounts, promotions, as well as the cost of dishes and services


#logo #logotype Justus-logistics Taking into account the analysis of competitors and the market as a whole, a balanced logo design was developed for a law firm specializing, among other things, in logistical aspects. The new logo also emphasized its reliability and professionalism and contributed to the growth of trust in the brand

Kivi Ride

#stickers #stickerpacks Kivi Ride A comprehensive design has been developed for the courier service, reflecting the reliability, convenience and speed of delivery. Stylish  merch allowed to increase brand awareness in the market. A bright logo emphasized the company’s modern and flexible approach in work


#logo #logotype BizUP The concept of pixels was chosen to develop the logo, reflecting the main style of the company that lies in its creativity and originality. As a result, BizUp has strengthened its brand and market visibility.


#Instagram #SMM Believeit During designing the profile, we focused on sustainability and healthy eating, creating an attractive design and high-quality content. Hashtags and geotags were actively used to attract the target audience. As a result, the client’s account received a large number of subscribers and attracted the attention of vegetarian food lovers.

Kivi Ride

#Instagram #SMM Kivi Ride For the courier service account, we created and designed an Instagram profile. The visual reflects the quality, modernity and dynamism of the company. The results of the work exceeded expectations: we significantly increased the number of subscribers and customers who order services


#Instagram #SMM Pavietra The linen company’s profile used natural tones and natural ambiance to emphasize the importance of sustainability in fashion. The result was an increase in the number of subscribers, high engagement rates and growing brand awareness on social media

Rolls Rent

#Instagram #SMM Rolls Rent Runique design elements have been developed that favorably distinguish the profile and arouse interest among potential car tenants. We have optimized hashtags and profile descriptions to improve search results and attract new subscribers. As a result, the influx of new subscribers and customers is constantly increasing